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Tanzania 2017

Tanzania 2017 -Thank you Adventure Aid!!
I had one of the best weeks of my life in Tanzania. The whole experience was amazing, I don’t even know where to begin to describe the week!! From the hilarious bus Journey to Iringa, going out into the villages to distribute clothes and school bags to the children, to going on my first ever Safari. Everybody made us feel so welcome and greeted us at every village with a song! Seeing and helping to paint the school/Nursery that we had built for the Masai tribe was fantastic. There was so much laughter and tears during the week, it was a wonderful experience that I will treasure forever.
Thank you to all the wonderful people I met in Tanzania and again to adventure aid!!
I can’t recommend these trips enough, book one now!!

Clodagh Mackie

It’s hard to find words to describe this amazing trip. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, but mostly of joy. Helping so many African children to have a better future, they gave us such a welcome and were so grateful, with what seemed so little for us to give. I would recommend an Adventure Aid trip to anyone who wants to give a little back, if you think you couldn’t do it, well I now know that you can. It really is life changing, to know you’ve done something to help and were there to do it yourself. Thank you Ashley and the team for looking after us so well, I am so glad I went.

Leanne Williams

I’m so glad to have experienced the team trip to Tanzania in June. It was a great bunch of people and we had an amazing time, visiting many villages in the Iringa area, distributing school bags and children’s clothes, meeting the local people who were so friendly and hospitable. We were invited to the opening of the new school which we had raised funds to build. This was a great experience and so good to see that we had helped the village in this way. To top it all, we had a day in the Ruaha game reserve which was amazing, seeing so many animals in their natural habitat. I would thoroughly recommend this Adventure Aid trip and feel we all gained a lot from the experience. Thanks to Ashley Platen Mills and the rest of the team for making it a trip to remember!

Rita Mould

Tanzania 2017 was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. Spending just over a week visiting local villages to distribute children’s clothes and school bags and attending the opening ceremony for the new nursery our fundraising had paid for in the Masai village were fantastic experiences. At times it was a little overwhelming but the kindness, generosity and warm welcomes from every single person we met was so touching. I’d recommend Adventure Aid UK to anyone who wants to see parts of the world that are less accessible and who want to give back to people at a grass roots level. It’s so good I’m off on another trip next year!

Tricia Beckett

What can I say! It was so much more than I expected. Even though I visited Tanzania last year with Ash on a exploratory visit, this trip blew my mind. More children, more villages, more laughter, more tears than ever before. Then, to top it all, being part of the opening of the primary school build because we visited. Awesome !!!!

Chrissy Hustler

A fantastic trip with amazing people. In 9 days we all did and saw so many different things, it was an experience unlike no other. I recommend to anyone wanting to do something a little different to take the opportunity with adventure aid uk.

Emma Jane

What a truly fantastic experience. I loved every minute of it. From visiting rural villages with warm welcomes, eating and hanging out with Masi tribes, delivering school bags to almost 300 children, opening a newly built nursery school, watching an African sunset, eating lots of beans and rice (and they were yummy!) to the best bus journeys, going on safari to see Africa at it’s best and spending time with a great bunch of people who laughed and cried together! Can NOT wait to get another trip signed up. Loved it. Thank you Adventure Aid x

Carole Winterbourne

This is grass roots, hand to hand aid work at its very best. People donate and Adventure Aid delivers directly and wholly to those the project is focused upon. Being able to contribute directly and meet with the people and children involved was such a privilege. What an amazing life changing, perspective changing, truly wonderful experience and one I will never forget. It is amazing what people can achieve when we come together .. Massive thank you to Ashley for all his hard work and commitment. This is true legacy work… And my next trip is….

Sharon Whitehouse

What an amazing adventure we had in Tanzania! I loved every minute of it. Helping 100s of children and seeing their little faces lit up when they got a piece of clothes or a school bag was just something that words couldn’t describe.. not mentioning the amazing people we met and formed special friendships with. Cannot wait to the next trip!!

Bea Sido

India 2015

Hi Ash

Just a note to say thanks for an unforgettable India trip with the Adventure Aid UK gang. It was a great opportunity to spend some amazing experiences with my son, but at the same time knowing that the money we raised was going to such a great cause and actually seeing for ourselves where the money has been spent. The orphanage was so well run by Kiranmai and Rag, and they have given the orphans such a stable and happy place to live.

The bonus for us was experiencing the people and cultures of India we would never have otherwise ever seen, and the home cooked food provided by the orphanage itself was knockout, proper fresh well cooked Indian food, even if it was breakfast, lunch and dinner !!!
Great trip, great organisation and most of all great company.

Thanks Paul

Paul Miller

Business Man

Nepal 2016/17

Namaste and Greetings from Nepal!

My name is Jimmy Lama, and I am a co-founder and the executive director of Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership (HELP). HELP was established in 2009 to help set up or improve schools in the communities where there was dire need. In the course of the past 6 years, we have worked with over 40 schools in remote villages of Sindupalchowk district to mainly serve poorer and underprivileged children.

Sindupalchowk was one of the most affected districts by the major earthquake that hit Nepal on the 25th of April. Of the 545 schools in the district, over 470 suffered complete damage that includes collapse of the school buildings, drinking water supply, furniture and books, which posed a serious risk to keep around 60,000 children out of school. In response to this, we at HELP, with funding support from our partner charity, MondoChallenge Foundation, have coordinated with District Education Office to help build temporary learning centres in over 40 schools that has enabled education for over 7500 children.

Amidst all these happening, we met Ashley Platen Mills at Adventure Aid UK through a mutual friend. He visited us in Nepal within couple of weeks after contacting us and immediately visited around 10 schools. He brought with him a loads of vital educational resources such as pencils, copies, crayons, colour book, balls, clay and clothes that we distributed to children. At seeing the need for temporary boarding house at one of the schools we visited, he said to me to say “Jimmy, we will make funds available to make this happen”. Then and there, I felt that Ashley understood how to respond to the burning needs and that there is immense possibility for us to combine the strength and beauty of our organisations to make things happen without delay and bureaucracy. Upon returning to UK, he has already made a transfer of the funds for the hostel project, and the work is under way.

We at HELP have for long valued the importance of development work that gets done where people meets people at the grassroots level. We have similar experience of the difference and results happening through such connection through the volunteering programme we have run over the past few years. When Ashley spoke about the vision of Adventure Aid in which enthusiastic group of travellers come out to help people in the local communities and fund a project of the local people’s choice, it took me no time to be a part of it. This is because it sounded very ethical, it is something we have experience in handling, something we know would work and something that is pregnant with potentiality to change the lives of local people in the way the local people need.

In all this respect, everyone at HELP and I are excited about this partnership. And, what is amazing is that we already are partnering to provide boarding shelter for children who have lost their homes. As the saying goes “morning shows the day”, here is to our great start!

Thank you and I encourage everyone visiting this website to place a 100% confidence for a life time experience with Adventure Aid UK. If not today, it is worth to consider a trip to be a part of what they do and even better if you can consider one for Nepal!

Jimmy Lama

Co-Founder, H.E.L.P Nepal

India 2014

An amazing time ! I can hardly believe we were there this time last week. Time seems to have wizzed by. Hopefully we can all keep in touch. I think the things we shared were special(not everything though!) I just have one wish–HOW DO YOU GET RID OF THIS HENNA?!!!!!!!!

Sue Edworthy


Had an amazing time, thanks to Ash for all his organising. Kids are truly fantastic anyone out there thinking of going, definitely go for it.. It’s a life changing experience!

Helen Jordan

Adventure Aid UK is doing great events in the world and helping those who are in need. By this the team and children both will have good holidays and fun. I sincerely Thank Ash for doing great help to our children at Apt charity in India.

Kiranmai Gathram

Founder , APT Social Service Society, India

Eurorally 33 2012

When we first decided to take part in the Euro Rally 33 myself and Team Pudsey On Tour had very little fundraising experience, but we received many tips and help from not only the event’s organizers but also other teams taking part in the rally which added to the very friendly atmosphere that we experienced throughout the event.

The event itself was always exciting and interesting and we felt as if we had not only had a great time, but also learnt a lot during the experience. Each of the stops on our route to Rome was unique and the challenges were always good fun along the way. Whilst we were originally staying in hostels cheaper than the hotels other teams were using, on one occasion we discovered our hostel did not actually exist! Ash was a great help in us securing a place at the hotel with the rest of the teams and we felt like we were always looked after and helped with any troubles we had during the rally. Whilst the idea of driving through various countries can seem daunting, we can safely say that it is a very worthwhile event to take part in and of course all proceeds go to the great causes of Children in Need and, for us, Poole Hospital Children’s Charity.

I can definitely say I will never forget a huge amount of memories from the Euro Rally, be it racing around making a video of Pudsey at the Eiffel Tower to make it to the finish point for day 1 at the Louvre in time, or riding a tandem bicycle around Lucca whilst struggling to negotiate it’s maze-like streets. We all learnt a great deal during this adventure and feel it can be a huge benefit to people of all ages, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for next year’s rally now!

Adam, Ben and Matthew

Eurorally 33 2012 Winners

Tajikistan 2012

Arrived in Tajikistan hoping to make a contribution helping Adventure Aid UK help Sworde Teppa Charity at their School of English. For me this meant general maintenance including painting.While there Ashley and I home-stayed with Dodarjon and his family in a remote village comprising mud -bricked houses – very basic indeed. Their hospitality knew no bounds and it was a great time.We also visited an orphanage and distributed clothes, which was a very emotional experience as they had so little and they were so grateful.A football match ensued between us and the children from the orphanage and I realised I should pay heed to my age!

While in Tajik we managed to visit an archaeological site near the Afghanistan border – it looked so peaceful – I was looking through rose tinted glasses. I came away feeling good about what we had done as a group but of course it is never enough.

Mike Coombes

I would like to thank Ashley at Adventure Aid UK, and Paul and the team at ST, for putting on such an excellent trip to Tajikistan. It was well planned both in the UK and Tajikistan and the team made me feel very much welcome. It was my pleasure to teach the students at the school – they were so friendly and keen to learn more. I’m sure I could have spent much more time sharing my IT knowledge, but unfortunately we were rather limited. In the days the team were not teaching, we partook in a lot of sightseeing, and I feel that we got a fair understanding of the country and its history in the time we were there. I would love to visit the country again sometime, but in the meantime have offered my services for the next project!

Austin Arnold

I travelled to Tajikistan in May 2012 with Ashley and his charity. We had a fantastic adventure, travelling by jeep across large swathes of the Tajik countryside, meeting fascinating locals and enjoying some of the best hospitality in the world. Ashley was always keen to ensure that our safety and personal comforts were paramount, and in addition we shared a lot of laughter and fun along the way. I can recommend Adventure Aid to you as a fantastic organisation. I would not hesitate to join them again if the opportunity arose.

Dee King

After going on the trip to Tajikistan it’s opened my eyes as to how other people live and how the small things we do can make a huge difference to their lives. The people we met had so little but offered us everything they had.

The trip was well organised by Ashley, the team leader, and gave us a great experience. If this experience appeals to you then get involved with the next trip.

Marcus Thorne

Tajikistan 2010

– I remember boarding the plane out to Tashkent to join the Ashley for the last leg of the journey to the English school and needing a stiff drink to calm my nerves mainly down to my pre-conceived views of the region. What I experienced, will stay with me forever; impromptu gatherings with an Uzbek tea dealer in his family home which lasted the day, the still of the Afghanistan border and the morning headache of a Russian vodka fuelled night in Dushanbe!

John Howarth

From Ashley

The reason for setting up the charity was simply due to the hospitality received from the strangers I met on my travels across Asia. I owe it to them to help change people’s perceptions of the region and in doing make a small difference to the children we help and great memories for the volunteers who accompany me.


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