Our mission is to support small children’s charities across Asia and Africa by raising funds for them from our unique trips. Our projects include an orphanage in India, schools in Nepal, the children of the Masai in Tanzania and cleft lip children in Sumatra and all these deliver adventure and a very unique holiday for the growing number of people who join one of the teams, and now we want to reward one local child per year by joining the Sumatra team starting in January 2018.

Our 8 day Sumatra trip provides the team with the opportunity to feed the orang-utans on the one day jungle trek, meet the children they have helped with cleft lip operations and experience the history and wonder of Samosir Island on Lake Toba.

A chance to feed these guys!

Your accommodation on Samosir Island

The trustees will review all the email stories we receive and make the very hard decision on the 23rd December 2016 to which child will be offered two fully funded places on the team.

We are fully aware of the many complications that may surround this offer and we would need to know from their doctor that they are able to fly long-haul, travel in minibuses and boats and walk (un-aided to a certain extent), and be made fully aware of any medical issues and be able to have the necessary injections for the trip (Typhiod,Hep A/B, Tetanus and Rabies)

Please email ashley@adventureaid.org.uk with a brief outline of why the child deserves this adventure and who will be accompanying them with contact details. The information you provide remains fully confidential and the child will need to be at least 11 years old when they travel and you will be covered under our specialist NGO insurance.

We are initially looking for a child in Dorset, Devon or Hampshire for the 2018 place and should you have any questions please contact us by email.

For more information on the trip and project please click HERE


Ashley Platen-Mills

Founder – Adventure Aid UK