Adventure Aid has always focused its efforts on helping disadvantaged children across Asia, with all money raised from its trips going to the related project and  the development and exploration of our new projects funded from the gift aid we collect.

Recently I heard through Facebook of a little local girl who on the face it looked “happy go lucky” with not a care in the world, but thats where appearances can be deceptive. I noticed her merely by chance and it got me thinking that maybe we could spread a little help closer to home by providing children like the girl a very unique “once in a lifetime” adventure as part of the Sumatra team.

I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting the little girl yet and of course her identity remains confidential because I don’t think she wants to feel different to the rest of her friends but I don’t doubt when I do, it will be hard not to shed a tear, but a brave face I must keep!

Her Mum and the girls older sister clearly have a lot on their hands in supporting her and her daily needs which the girl seems to take in her stride and never complains.

The little girl is 11 years old but due to a condition which will be diagnosed soon she has the height of a 8 year old, she also suffers from C.V.I.D – a immune defiantcy and has arthritis in all her joints which requires regular injections into her joints to help relieve the pain. So, you can see my surprise with how happy she is.

Thats not all, she also has Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Asthma, suffered from Shingles four times and all this means loads of daily medication and weekly blood infusions but despite this her mother remains proud of her caring nature towards others.

So, there you have it, this little girl sadly cannot come on a trip due to her condition but is responsible for inspiring us to provide an annual opportunity for another worthy child and their older brother/sister or parent/guardian to experience 8 days in Sumatra; feeding the orang-utans, seeing our cleft lip project and the beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir Island, an adventure worth £3200.

However, the little girl loves swimming, as it improves her confidence and helps with her conditions so we thought the least we could do was to pay for her swimming lessons for the year.

The closing date for stories of inspirational children in Dorset / Hampshire or Devon is 1st November and the Trustees and I will be making the very hard decision on which worthy child will be joining us on the Sumatra trip in January 2018.

This could be a child who has a life threatening condition, suffered a great loss, shown great bravery or supported a family member or someone who is truly selfless.

If you think you know of someone who is as deserving as this little girl and her older sister or Mum then email me to

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