Courage Award

Our focus has always been to work with orphan and disadvantaged children across Asia and Africa, but I heard about one child recently living with a condition yet remaining so happy which made me think whether we could provide an opportunity for one courageous child from the UK to experience a “once in a lifetime” adventure as part of the team to our annual project in Sumatra.

We started the Adventure Aid Courage Award  in 2016 and reserve two places on the team to our project in Sumatra worth £3200 for a very deserving and courageous child and their parent / guardian to experience this adventure together and with like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds.

We have partnered with a small charity in Sumatra which searches for Cleft lip and palate children across the Island and funds the operation needed to give them a better standard of life. Every year we fund 25-30 operations by taking a team of 15 people out to meet the children they have helped but also to experience the wonders of the Island. This includes a one day jungle trek to feed the orang-utans, stay in a authentic Indonesian house and exploring Samosir Island on Lake Toba. (Find out more about the project and trip – click here)

The two places are available on our Sumatra trip and we are looking for a child who has shown great bravery or courage in difficult circumstances so this could include;

  • Living with a life threatening condition
  • Bravery through tragedy
  • Supporting an ill family member
  • determination against all the odds
  • the list goes on……

Exploring the jungle to feed these guys

Your accommodation on Samosir Island

If you know of a child or maybe two related children (we would need to have temporary guardianship for the trip) who would deserve this once in a lifetime adventure then please email their story to me at and who will be accompanying them with contact details.

The information you provide remains fully confidential and the child will need to be at least 11 years old when they travel and you both will be covered under our specialist NGO insurance.

Nominations are accepted up until the end of September and voting takes place during November when the trustees will review all the email stories we receive and make the very hard decision on the 23rd December each year to which the child will be offered two fully funded places on the team.

We are fully aware of the many complications that may surround this offer and we would need to know from their doctor that they are able to fly long-haul, travel in minibuses and boats and walk (un-aided to a certain extent), and be made fully aware of any medical issues and be able to have the necessary injections for the trip (Typhiod,Hep A/B, Tetanus and Rabies)

We are looking for a child in Dorset, Devon or Hampshire for the 2017 award and should you have any questions please contact me by email.



We create adventures which bring people together from different walks of life in a common goal to help small children charities across Asia and Africa and in doing so changing their lives forever.