Heading into the third week of this appeal, we already have numerous drop off points across the UK and internationally and around 700 bra’s already delivered to Adventure Aid HQ.

This started from a simply conversation with a lady I know who said she had a friend that was collecting bra’s to send to women in Africa as it helps reduce the risk of them being sexually assaulted. This I found very worthwhile so posted on Facebook. What happened next was quite amazing, my post was shared 1600 times and I started getting messages from women interested to help and so my next move was to speak to this lady who was collecting. It turned out though that although she was starting to collect she had not chosen a charity yet to collect for, except of course, until she saw my post on Facebook.

So, it appears I’m running a bra project then along our other projects in Asia!

I am currently speaking with possible partners in Africa and discussing the logistics and success of a project to deliver the first batch of 1000 bras and to get these to women in need. This could be; women in the sex trade – providing them with bra’s to sell would get them out of prostitution, Women living in remote villages who can’t afford to educate or feed their children let alone buy a bra which is considered a luxury item and women generally in high risk areas to reduce the risk of sexual assault.

Collection points are popping up all over the UK and Nepal, USA and the Philippines.

One thing I know at present is this appeal has touched the hearts and minds of many women and therefore it is important that every single bra finds a home and it is fed back through our social media.

Who knows where this project will go ……


Anne collecting in Ashburton, Devon and running a bra collection point

Vanessa based in Paignton is our collection point for Torbay

Steph collecting at GlaxoSmithKline Head Office