Next trip: 2nd – 10th October 2021 – Places Available 

Since 2013, we have been supporting this great little charity and over that time the teams on our trips have helped fund the building of the new orphanage, the purchase of a jeep and a scooter, furniture and kitchen equipment and of course food and essential supplies. In 2019, we will be funding the further development of the top floor of the building to give the children and dry place to play and study. 

This charity has seen such a massive transformation over the past three years from its humble beginnings and has fully deserved our support due to the joy the children give back to the people who have visited and returned year after year.

To find out if this project is one to get involved in, just read the testimonials on the home page from people on past trips and decide for yourself.

You can probably notice familiar faces in all three of the teams as people re-book every year to return and if not back to this project, then on our other projects. Hopefully this is testiment to how good they really are and if you are still not sure , check out our Facebook page which shows all the previous events and make your own mind up.

This is not all about the children, we know how to deliver events which provide unique memories for the team to experience more than what they would on a standard holiday along with that “feel good” factor of making a difference, a difference you can see for yourself.


 A truly unique Indian adventure into the real India which apart from experiencing rural Indian living, the amazing home cooked cuisine and of course some of the most friendly children you will ever meet, you will also get experience an overnight train journey to Pondicherry and stay in a hotel near the beach to finish off your adventure.

If history is anything to go by, after an amazing “bucket shower” the nights involve sitting on the roof of the house listening to the animals and enjoying a few kingfishers! (that’s the beer not the bird!)

A place on the next event will be a minimum donation of £1700. This includes return flights, all India transfers, accommodation, breakfast and evening meals and Visa costs. The team run a kitty which is about £5.00 a day to cover drinks and lunch which is more than enough and we suggest you bring around £100 of spending money.

A £200 non-refundable deposit secures your place on the team then we require a further £700 eight months before trip with the remaining £800 eight weeks before departure.

You will need to fund the necessary injections yourself and the cost depends on your Doctors surgery.

We also encourage you to collect clothes, soap, pens, stationary and sports equipment (cricket bats, footballs etc) from friends to take with you to hand out yourself and should you or your family and friends wish to purchase something for the orphanage then being that they get through nearly 400kg of rice per month, a 25kg bag of rice at £15 is what would be good.


If you want to know more, contact me on or pick the phone and call 07766-821900 .


Ashley – Adventure Aid UK


Saturday : Transfer to London (depending on the flight time we may travel to the airport Friday) and then the 11 hour flight to Hyderabad.

Sunday morning: Meet Kiranmai and Rag, the founders of the orphanage and head back to Sattenpalli to settle in to your accommodation, see the children and catch up on sleep.

Monday: Heading to the Monkey Temple and Zoo at Koppakonda with the children.

Tuesday: The team will visit a local school to hand out stationery to the children and then get involved in buying and cooking a proper Indian meal.

Wednesday: A day at Suryalanka Beach on the Bay of Bengal with the children.

Thursday: A day to explore Sattenapalli and spend time with the children playing football, crafts or whatever you have brought to hand out then in the evening the sleeper train to the holiday element of the trip.

Friday: A day relaxing on the beach at Pondicherry then our team meal out where we get to use cutlery!

Saturday: A lazy day sightseeing and a chance to buy gifts before we fly home late evening.

Sunday: Arrive back in the UK around lunchtime.


We create adventures which bring people together from different walks of life in a common goal to help small children charities across Asia and Africa and in doing so changing their lives forever.