Helambu School Bag Project

This “school in a bag” project will form part of the teams duties when they go out to visit the schools and to distribute the school bags containing all the necessary resources for the child to learn (pads, pens, lunch box, drinks container)

It is important to note that we have minimal operating costs so more of the money raised actually gets out to Nepal to purchase all the items for the bags, these bags are numbered and tracked to each school and these will be distributed on the trips with photos and video sent back. 

This is a perfect project for schools in the UK to get involved in with each “school in a bag” costing £17, its easy for the children and parents to get involved and see exactly where their donation has gone. I mention this again because a lot of charities have high administration costs so only a small percentage of the money you donate actually gets to that project.

Our aim is to deliver as many bags as possible to as many school children as possible, such a simple item can make a world of difference.

You can donate via the Donate button on the Home Page and we will send you a photo of where your money has gone after the trip is complete.  

I hope you will join the project.

If you require further information or to arrange a meeting please get in contact; ashley@adventureaid.org.uk or 07766 821900


Just one of the schools we aim to help once sat and the temporary learning centre built by HELP next door

Our first hostel under the partnership built in September 2015 at a secondary school near Ichowk

Distributing schools bags to a small primary school in Helambu.


We create adventures which bring people together from different walks of life in a common goal to help small children charities across Asia and Africa and in doing so changing their lives forever.