Mauritius – £200 Deposit – Total Minimum Donation £1600




24th March – 1st April 2018 or 19th – 27th May 2018 Please specify with your booking

Saturday: All meet at Gatwick/Heathrow airport and check in our bags, heading to S.Ramgoolam International Airport.

Sunday: Arrive early morning, sort Visas and we will be met by our Partner Charity The Overseas Mauritanian Society (TOMS).

The afternoon will be a chance to sleep and/or get your bearings.

Monday: The team will be visiting children in a poor part of the Island and handing out Humanitarian Aid.

Tuesday / Wednesday: The team will travel to a number of remote charities work on our project “Poverty in Paradise”. We may stay in the villages overnight and eat with the locals.

Thursday: Spend time with the local children and visit local sites of interest.

Friday: A day to relax and explore a little of Island or just chill out with the natural beauty at the beach.

Saturday: In the minibus, we will head back to S.Ramgoolam Airport to catch our flight home.

Sunday: Arrive home.


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