Sumatra – £200 Deposit – Total Minimum Donation £1600




Saturday: Meet the rest of the team at Heathrow/Gatwick Airport

Sunday: Arrive in Medan, Northern Sumatra around mid morning and travel to Bukit Lawang which is approximately 3 hours drive

Monday: Up early and into the Jungle with our personal guide for the day trek to hopefully meet Orangu-tans, Thomas Leaf monkeys, Gibbons etc

Tuesday: Mid morning we will get collected and take the 6 hour drive to Siantar and stay at Jeffries House just outside Siantar

Wednesday: Early morning walk into Siantar to see the market then off to see Harapan Jaya Hospital, Rehabilitation centre and orphanage and provide donated sports equipment, crutches etc

Thursday: In the morning we will meet the Children you have directly helped, have lunch, then off to Lake Toba (the worlds largest volcanic lake) and the island of Samosir

Friday: Up early for breakfast and then off to explore the island, hopefully see the stone chairs, hot springs etc

Saturday: In the morning we will get to meet some of the children the charity has helped on the island then take the 11am boat from Tuk Tuk and head back to the airport.

Sunday: Arrive back in UK


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