Project Empowerment

Adventure Aid has worked successfully with forgotten women in India and disadvantaged women in Tanzania before and from 2019 we will now be including an element of “Women Empowerment” funding in every project we run. We believe that creating or contributing towards meaningful and sustainable women empowerment initiatives can make a serious difference to the lives of girls and women in the communities where the charity already operates and this is turn supports the children of whom are our main objective. It is proven that by supporting women in society, infant mortality rates go down, more children stay in school and the cycle of poverty can be broken, now that must be worth working towards.

Over the next two years each one of our main projects in the 6 countries we operate in will have an element of funding to support the empowerment of women.


In 2016, we partnered with a small charity called Mercy and Grace in Hanuman Junction, Vijayawada, Southern India to train ten “forgotten women” how to sew. Forgotten women are those living below the poverty line in the villages and only managing to obtain seasonal work at the very lowest wages which does not even cover their most basic needs. Most of these women are from the Dalit Cast which is the lowest in the Indian cast system, this means are they only suitable for the lowest paid work and their families live on or below the poverty affecting their ongoing schooling and employment. The project allows women to receive a sewing machine and 6 months training to allow them to return to their villages and earn an income from repairs and tailoring.

Mercy & Grace