With all our projects, its not all about the monetary donations we give, as the best memories are found by donating simple items to the people we meet along the way. This is usually clothes, soap, toys or stationary on our projects in India and Nepal but for our Sumatran project along with paying for the Cleft lip / palate operations for the children we also desperately need to distribute crutches out to the remote villages.

Large parts of Sumatra are still tribal with many remote villages suffering with genetic issues like cleft lip and other deformities. As the main income for families in these areas is from agriculture, family members who can not carry their weight in the fields are seen as a burden and this is the case for many people with limb deformities, and therefore they are left at home to suffer in silence or try and make wooden crutches in an effort to gain independent and respect.

So, for our annual trips to Sumatra in April 2017 and January 2018 we need used crutches for both adults and children for the team to distribute at the rehabilitation centre in Siantar and the remote villages we visit. Such a simple item will provide vital independence for so many who would otherwise feel worthless and a burden to their family.

This little boy was despite for a larger walker to help with his development

This little boy was despite for a larger walker to help with his development

One little boy we met who lived with his sister and parents in a small wooden hut on Samosir island benefited from cleft lip surgery the year before, due to a lack of physical development he was stuck in a walker which was not helping. So, down to the local baby shop and £15 later we brought him a large walker to hopefully help in some small way.

Obviously, we hope that we could provide crutches to him in the years to come.

As a small charity we do not have collections points or the ability to collect donations around the country, so please make contact with me via email; ashley@adventureaid.org.uk and maybe we can collect or you could send the crutches to; Adventure Aid UK, 2 High Street, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1HU these will then be taking out in our hold luggage.