Give A Helping Hand To Those Who Need It!

Give A Helping Hand To Those Who Need It!


That thing you are looking for will not be found on any map!

We create adventures which bring people together from different walks of life in a common goal to help small children charities across Asia and Africa and in doing so changing their lives forever.

We only do life changing trips to our projects in Nepal, India, Tanzania, Sumatra or Mauritius? . It’s time to get off the sofa, stop living your life through your kids or just stop that “one day” answer to everything.


Adventure Aid

Founded by Ashley Platen-Mills in 2010, “Charity Road Trips” first adventure was in a 1995 Land Rover Discovery V6 from Wimborne in Dorset to Dushanbe in the Land of the Tajiks. The second hand vehicle of choice was destined to fail but fail it did not and with not even a puncture the team travelling through 16 countries, across the Georgian mountains, Caspian sea, Turkmenistan desert,the fuel starved Uzbekistan,  through the Anzob Tunnel and along the Afghanistan border to The Sworde Teppa Education Centre in Querghon Teppa in Tajikistan! Ashley and his team had accumulated the support of over 60 sponsors in the six month marketing build up to the event and received camping equipment, vehicle parts and GPS equipment.

Initially a journey of self destruction turned into a epiphany and on his return Ashley decided to develop the charity to share his experiences with like-minded individuals looking for adventure and in developing long term partnerships with small children’s charities across Asia and Africa and thus Adventure Aid was born.

Since that first adventure we have returned to Tajikistan with a team of people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages, ran a rally to Rome, built an orphanage in Sattenapalli, Andhra Pradesh in India, helped with education supplies in Helambu, Nepal after the Earthquake of 2015, developed a partnership with a small charity helping cleft lip/palate children in Sumatra and recently distributed 3000 second hand bras to women in Tanzania to reduce sexual assault and now committed to the building of a new Masai school and in 2017 will set up the next project in Mauritius.

The secret with our adventures is we personally vet each partner charity, we spend a week with them developing a long lasting friendship more than just a relationship and around our projects we build an adventure for our growing number of supporters who normally book their next adventure whilst on their first.

Adventure Aid as minimal operating costs so 100% of the donations you raise for your place on a team on any of our projects goes to that project after the trip expenses are paid. We use the gift aid to explore and develop new projects, fund our annual courage award and provide an emergency fund for our current partners so everything is nice and transparent !

What is happening?

After seven years of the charity it is great to see new trips getting booked up so quick, in fact we can’t update the website fast enough. All this is great for Adventure Aid UK and the projects we help through the trips. It’s all testament to how good the trips are for those who join. Don’t leave your adventures to retirement, don’t allow for regret, life is for living!


• India – On-going support of the 30 orphan and disadvantaged children in the new hostel in Sattenapalli with the chance to visit temples, eat home cooked food, swim in the Bay of Bengal, travel by overnight train to Pondicherry and the beautiful Serenity Beach.

• Nepal – Supporting the small remote schools in the Helambu Region of Nepal with education resources and school bags with the chance to trek through the lowlands of the Himalayas, eat home cooked food with the locals and explore Kathmandu.

• Sumatra – Working with our partner charity who search for children with Cleft lip and Pallate, we help fund around 30 operations a year whilst the team experience a one day jungle trek to feed the orang-utans, get to meet some of the children they have changed the lives of, stay on Samosir Island on Lake Toba and eat great food in great surroundings.

• Tanzania –  A project that started with donated bras to help reduce sexual assualt, has continued with supporting disadvantaged children in the villages surrrounding Iringa in Tanzania. A chance to distribute schhol bags and clothes along with funding small welfare projects. 

• Mauritius – A brand new project for 2018. Working with our partner charity in the west of the island to support mainly the Afro-Mauritian community by providing welfare and education resources for the children. Our “Poverty in Paradise” project will provide the chance to see and help the real Mauritius while enjoying some great excursions, food and hospitality.


May 2018

Mauritius – Fully Booked 

January 2018

India – Fully Booked

October 2017
India for APT – Fully Booked
June 2017
Tanzania with Iringa Rural Development Initiative – Fully Booked
April 2017
Sumatra with Children of Sumatra – Fully Booked
February 2017
Nepal for Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership – Fully Booked
October 2016
October 2016: Nepal for Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership – Fully Booked
September 2016
Naples working with a after school club in Portici – Fully Booked
March 2016
India for APT Orphange in Sattenpalli – Fully Booked
October 2015
India for APT Orphanage in Sattenpalli – Fully Booked
May 2014
India for APT Orphanage in Sattenpalli
July 2013
India for APT Orphanage in Sattenpalli
May 2012
Tajikistan for Sworde Teppa educations Centre
June 2012
Eurorally 33 London to Rome for Children in Need
July 2010
Roof of the World Rally – Award for highest donation and corporate exposure for Sworde Teppa Education Centre

Over the past six years, one thing has been clear

When the adventure starts the people involved whether they be an IT engineer, Private school teacher, Farrier or an O.A.P forget about who they are back home and become unified in the goal of the project. Why do I say this? Because I know there are thousands of people out there looking for something… an adventure to make a difference, an adventure because the children have left home or an adventure to feel alive. So… don’t feel like you cannot get involved or be one of those “one day” people.

What people are saying about us

I joined the Adventure Aid trip to Nepal with my 18 year old daughter last October. It was a great trip to do together as we both experienced many new things together and the memories will stay with us both for a long time. For me the highlight was meeting local people in their homes and learning about their culture and way of life.

The people we met had little but were  happy and inspirational. We were always made welcome and this would not have been possible had we travelled independently to Nepal.

For my daughter who intends to study geography at university this year seeing the physical and human impact of the recent earthquake brought relevance to her studies and
a greater understanding. We both came back pleased that we had been able to help in a small way whilst enjoying a totally different experience together .

In every way it was a good thing to do, Thanks Ash.

Kath Heath

Our trip to Nepal…. Awesome, beautiful, inspirational, exhausting, amazing and humbling! So so much more than we could have ever expected.

It was an amazing adventure to share with Lyds and Alf and our friends. We fitted so much in I can hardly believe we were only away for 8 days. So many wonderful memories that will stay with us for life. Lydia and Alfie have changed their view on life, they intend to travel, to care, to make a difference.

Sherrill, Lydia and Alfie Luck

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive prior to our Adventure Aid trip in October 2016 to Nepal. I had been to Nepal before on a trek, but this was different, particularly as I was taking my children (both aged 17). With Ash at the helm all my worries soon disappeared – he is well organised, well travelled and very experienced at holding the group space and dynamics. We had an amazing adventure and really did go to some remote places and met some extraordinary people. On returning home my son contacted Ash to say if a place comes up on the next trip to let him know. So, he is off again in February 2017 for another adventure in Nepal. The fact that I am happy to support Oscar to go is testament enough at the belief and trust I have in Ash, the organisation, the incredible work Adventure Aid in partnership with the charity in the country does and the impact on so many people – my family included. When Ash says “delivering aid “and “having an adventure” he really means it, so if you are inspired to do the same go for it, you won’t regret it.

Fiona, Oscar and Lauren Horseman

Amazing – This sums up the whole experience, from its conception to returning home exhausted but elated, incredibly moved and increasingly motivated.

We spent time with the most amazing people and laughed so much. How is it so possible to share laughter with so many women when you can’t speak a word of each other’s language? We really did get a glimpse into the harsh realities of their lives, which made us really appreciate everyday things we take completely for granted. – like running water and a flushing loo.

Seeing the foundations of a new school, the home made bricks ready for building but no money for the cement needed to start the build ripped my heart out. Children at the moment having to walk 8 or 9 k to school, rising at 4 am ,do their chores, then set off to arrive by 8, with the risk of being attacked by lions has really motivated me to do something practical to change this situation. Hopefully, we will be visiting this school next year as monies we are raising will enable the building project to go ahead. I can’t wait to go back!

Chrissy Hustler
Retired Midwife

Our Sponsors

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We create adventures which bring people together from different walks of life in a common goal to help small children charities across Asia and Africa and in doing so changing their lives forever.